Dan Vermillion has been viewing life, its surroundings, objects and their relationships for over 25 years. His relentless mental energy and quiet enthusiasm for creating the right composition, will connect not only with the Client’s view point, but also connect and appeal to the consumer in its published environment. Dan is at his best when he faces the truths that confront a Professional Photographer. Lighting. Symmetric and asymmetric shapes. Drama and contrast. Textures and moods. He is at ease in any situation or location and has an uncanny rapport, not only with inanimate objects and structures, but animate ones as well. Through his lens, lifestyles and desires are seductively captured. He simply believes that every picture should tell a story. The way that Dan works is also refreshing. Minimum fuss. Attentive. Resourceful. Cheerful.

It is his photographs that speak volumes and he likes to keep it that way.


Community Outreach

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