United Stated Coast Guard Recruiting Campaign in Miami Beach

LMO advertising out of Washington D.C.  hired me to photograph a recruiting campaign for the United States Coast Guard. I shot for three days in and around Miami Beach, Florida working with multiple assets and guardsmen while they performed their daily duties.

Branding for LiquiSlim 24

These are images that support the branding of a new startup product LiquiSlim 24. We shot for two days at a resort in Palm Springs, CA. The direction was to make the product present, but secondary promoting a healthy lifestyle.

BASF Pest Division Advertising Imagery

I have been contracted by BASF to produce imagery that supports various pest control products. It has been great creating original content that supports cutting edge technology.

Studio Rentals

Vermillion Studios is not just a place for in house production. We welcome all companies to utilize our space for their needs. For more information on renting space, drop us a message info@vermillionphoto.com

Year in Review #1: 2015

Panos of the three places where I spent most of my time this last year.

Pano stack_lowres


In Print | ASU Magazine September Issue

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing creative alumni for ASU Magazine. Here are two tear sheets featuring Richard Laugharn and Steven Yazzie. Richard Laugharn is a fine art photographer and the owner of Fine Art Framing in Tempe, AZ. Steven Yazzie is a multimedia artist and owner of video production company Digital Preserve in Phoenix, AZ.


New Horizons

It’s been a while since our last post here at Vermillion Photo! We have been out shooting in full force and have much to share! I hope you tune in as we share whats going on at Vermillion!
Laguna iphone lownoiseEscaping the heat in Laguna Hills.

United Way

I have made portraits for the entire length of my career. I usually work with an art director to achieve a certain look by highly refining every detail. Those kinds of portraits are less spontaneous and don’t usually focus on everyday people.

Working with United Way was the opposite of this and was a very refreshing experience, especially since they’re a non-profit organization. These people love what they do and it shows. I was able to spend time with each and every employee over a two day period on location at their Phoenix office.


In Print Now | AZ Bride + Ritz Carlton

I would like to share some recent tear sheets from projects that have finally gone to print and are on the shelves now. Arizona Bride and The Ritz-Carlton are long-time clients of mine and I would consider the creative team friends of mine because of the history we share. I don’t always share the final products of my shoots that go to print but I thought these two semi-annual editions deserved highlighting for their unique layout and interesting subject matter.

Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton 


Arizona Bride

Cakes AZB SS14 a.indd Flowers AZB SS14 b.indd Flowers AZB SS14 b.indd Flowers AZB SS14 b.indd

Spotlight on Creators: Blurb Feature

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.43.41 PM

I was interviewed by Blurb a few months ago because they discovered a book project I created with their software and Lightroom 5. They were running a series of interviews that focused on examples of how to create a successful book project that showcased a collection of something.

Since this is my first book project using Blurb I was very pleased to be identified as a model designer by their marketing team. If you would like to read the interview please click on the photo below. Also, check out the previous post about the book and it’s creation.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.32.30 PM