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General Update: Veterans Day

Over the last year I have had the good fortune of photographing some highly decorated individuals from the United States Military, for which I am very proud.  General Petraeus, General Jack Keane and General Tommy Franks are among the many soldiers I have captured on camera through unique invitations to photograph private political meetings. Next week, I travel to Cleveland for a another military job with a group of Reservists.

I thought that I’d share a few portraits today as a Veterans Day salute from Vermillion Photo.

generalpetraeus©Dan VermillionGeneralKeane©Dan Vermillion-2 ©Dan Vermillion-3

Feature: Arizona Business Today Interview

I have been a National Bank of Arizona member for 19 years as a small business owner and as an individual. They’re the reason I was able to purchase my downtown studio and continue to sculpt out a career in photography. Recently I was asked to interview with Arizona Business Today to talk about the relationship between my business and my bank as part of an ongoing series profiling Phoenix businesses. Thank You National Bank of Arizona for being a faithful financial associate and a supporter of the Arizona community.

Check out the article.

National_Bank_Vermillion Photographic