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United Stated Coast Guard Recruiting Campaign in Miami Beach

LMO advertising out of Washington D.C.  hired me to photograph a recruiting campaign for the United States Coast Guard. I shot for three days in and around Miami Beach, Florida working with multiple assets and guardsmen while they performed their daily duties.

Branding for LiquiSlim 24

These are images that support the branding of a new startup product LiquiSlim 24. We shot for two days at a resort in Palm Springs, CA. The direction was to make the product present, but secondary promoting a healthy lifestyle.

BASF Pest Division Advertising Imagery

I have been contracted by BASF to produce imagery that supports various pest control products. It has been great creating original content that supports cutting edge technology.

Studio Rentals

Vermillion Studios is not just a place for in house production. We welcome all companies to utilize our space for their needs. For more information on renting space, drop us a message

Year in Review #1: 2015

Panos of the three places where I spent most of my time this last year.

Pano stack_lowres


In Print | ASU Magazine September Issue

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing creative alumni for ASU Magazine. Here are two tear sheets featuring Richard Laugharn and Steven Yazzie. Richard Laugharn is a fine art photographer and the owner of Fine Art Framing in Tempe, AZ. Steven Yazzie is a multimedia artist and owner of video production company Digital Preserve in Phoenix, AZ.


New Horizons

It’s been a while since our last post here at Vermillion Photo! We have been out shooting in full force and have much to share! I hope you tune in as we share whats going on at Vermillion!
Laguna iphone lownoiseEscaping the heat in Laguna Hills.

MITEL Products & Merger

I had the opportunity to work with MITEL to create a wide range of photographs of their products, business communication solutions. MITEL is in the telephone business and specializes with integrating networks and phones to help offices communicate quicker and more effectively. This project involved several location scouts, a large crew and two separate days of shooting on-location and in the studio.


We created a business to business portfolio, product portfolio and some artistic shots for graphic applications. The scope of the project was large and reminded me of the type of projects I produced when I was carving out my name in Phoenix.

6901_080213_MITEL-1843-Edit 6901_080213_MITEL-2062-Edit

Since the shoot, MITEL has merged with a competitor, Aastra, to hopefully corner the business communication market. I look forward to working with the newer version of this company in the near future.

Spanish Colonial Furniture Book

While photographing a private political event in Sedona last March, I met Jerry Hirsch, Chairman, The Lodestar Foundation. He was clad in a brown blazer with a long white ponytail and a turquoise bolo tie, which made his stand out amongst the international backdrop of the event. We had a great conversation and he mentioned he had a project that I would be interested in. Several months later we met to discuss his ideas about creating a book about his Spanish Colonial furniture collection. Jerry is my neighbor so we met at his home to look at the pieces he would like photographed. Jerry’s home is something like a very comfortable museum, containing artifacts from across the seas, beautiful tapestries and several outdoor garden areas with water and trellises.

Due to the preciousness and fragility of these handmade relics we decided to bring the studio to his home and photograph the furniture one by one. Our trusty intern, Laura Marks, was in charge of logging each piece’s caption including title, material, time period, location and provenance. She was also the designer that worked on the book layout and typesetting.

BOOK_JPG Page 12

Spanish Cupboard, 18th Century Mexican Door Panel & Hardware, Rituals GalleryThis book was a collaborative project that required several rounds of fact-checking with dealers, commissioning a historical essay, and writing a forward with Jerry to acquaint readers with the contents of his collection. Jerry’s ultimate goal for this hard cover, 80 page book is to use it as a portfolio of his collection to send to potential buyers and dealers.


I worked on a project like this one years ago with the Phoenix Art Museum, which was a book titled “The Art of Turned-Wood Bowls”. In those days, books like these were produced by McMurray Publishing and I did the photography portion. Now, I use the same program to develop the digital files and create a book layout in studio.


The Bianco’s, Jackie O and the Painting

I got a call from Leonard Bianco, father of Marco and Chris of Pizzeria Bianco/Pane Bianco, about a painting I photographed for him years ago. Leonard had always been a painter and had worked in New York for decades with his family as professional wine label makers among other things. His craft brought him into contact with an colorful gamut of socialites in the Modern New York including the Kennedy Family. As an artist, he was awarded the opportunity to paint this portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy and daughter Catherine.

On the 50th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s untimely death his painting has accrued a new cultural value as a symbol of elegance and timelessness in the face of political and familial hardship. The painting stands about 6 feet tall, which makes the figures nearly life-sized.

Leonard asked me to make fine art prints of this work to send to to interested parties for consideration of acquisition. I used my boutique printing company, Sonoran Print Editions, to complete the task and also picture what it must have been  like to be the painter with this duet as your subject matter. What an experience.