Spring 44


Being one of the luckiest guys on the planet, it is only appropriate that one of my best clients/friend Russ Wall would start a spirits company. And with every new start up, labeling and marketing are essential. Russ (Founder of Squeeze Inc. and Co-Founder of Spring 44) and I have worked together on advertisement for numerous other companies, but it was extra special to work on these aspects for his new business.

Squeeze Inc. and Vermillion Photo Team Projects
Garden Territory
La Bella Terre
Lindauer Farms
New Vision

The Squeaky Bean, Denver, CO

*Russ, his mixologist, and myself went to the The Squeaky Bean in Denver, Colorado where we took photos of the gorgeous Spring 44 Cocktails.

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  1. Dig your blog man. Tweet you later. Are we riding tomorrow?

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