SMOCA “Hector Zamora Installation”

A few weekends ago, SMOCA (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art) asked me to photograph an installation they organized at Cutter Aviation in an airplane hanger. From my previous work with SMOCA I knew their exhibitions weren’t something I’d want to miss out on. I gladly accepted.

On October 27,2012, I arrived at the job and witnessed this especially peculiar exhibit. The installation consisted of numerous military parachutes hung from the ceiling. Each parachute were affixed to a large industrial fan that sat on the floor directly beneath them. When the fans were powered on, the parachutes expanded as if they were attached to soldiers dropping from planes thousands of feet in the sky. Adults, children, and artists flooded into the hanger to observe and listen to the artist Hector Zamora discuss his conception of the display he created. It was overall mind blowing. Not only was it visually exceptional but, the buzzing from the fans and attendants made the exhibit especially unique.

Hector Zamora

This event had many faces from my past. It was full of artists I’ve known who’ve achieved an abundance in the fine arts. Being in that environment made me wonder what it would’ve been like if I didn’t take the commercial route after getting my BFA in photography. Although I do not regret the path I chose and where it took me, I have a strong curiosity of what my life would have been like.

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