MITEL Products & Merger

I had the opportunity to work with MITEL to create a wide range of photographs of their products, business communication solutions. MITEL is in the telephone business and specializes with integrating networks and phones to help offices communicate quicker and more effectively. This project involved several location scouts, a large crew and two separate days of shooting on-location and in the studio.


We created a business to business portfolio, product portfolio and some artistic shots for graphic applications. The scope of the project was large and reminded me of the type of projects I produced when I was carving out my name in Phoenix.

6901_080213_MITEL-1843-Edit 6901_080213_MITEL-2062-Edit

Since the shoot, MITEL has merged with a competitor, Aastra, to hopefully corner the business communication market. I look forward to working with the newer version of this company in the near future.

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