New Music Video | “Light Goes Out” by Yellow Minute

I have recently been producing creative video works as part of a studio expansion and the addition of Vermillion Video. The change is a sign of the times and I am looking to upgrade my skill set to include a full production video studio, which will accompany the photography I have offered for decades.

Yellow Minute is a group of local creative musicians that collaborated on this project to keep their hands busy. The band consists of Paul Joseph Waxman (PJ), Sean Brennan, David Maroney and Greg Muller. This video only includes PJ and Sean for the synth remix to their brand new song, “Light Goes Out”. We were happy to work with them before their big move to LA this summer.

My associate, Sean Deckert, and I decided to shoot the video to look like a live set performance but with a higher production value and a rhythmic editing technique. PJ and Sean brought the props and mixed the sound to make this a truly collaborative production.

Stay Tuned for more video updates from Vermillion Studios.


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