Benson Brewery Opens

I have recently returned from my home town of Omaha to attend the opening of Benson Brewery. I was overseeing the installation of four large photographs I was commissioned to create for permanent installation on the walls. For this project I photographed beer ingredients that compliment the creative recipes used to make the craft brews at Benson.

Family ties with Ryan Miller and a close friendship with Andy Willey is why I was so involved with the project from conception to the Grand Opening last week. The brewmaster, Andy Elliott, once worked at Odell Brewery in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The chef, Matt Taylor, has composed a dynamic menu that I have only begun to explore. I’m proud to see the space transformed into such a vibrant place and I look forward to many beers with family and friends at the bar.

You can also see this restored historic photo of the storefront of the old Benson Theater, which was a vital community building local business in its day. The brewery will fill that role and more.

Benson theatre cleaned 1200-Edit
StarAnise Hops Corriander Cinnamon
_MG_8924 _MG_8901 _MG_8846

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