Arcadia Green Revitalization

Arcadia Green is a mid-century modern gated community in the heart of Phoenix just south of Indian School and 48th across from the Greenbelt park. It is currently under revitalization at the hands of it’s members that aim to increase the quality of life and the aesthetic value of this Phoenix neighborhood.

I have had the opportunity to witness and photograph some of the individual projects that residents have undertaken and I want to share these images as a document to the character of my neighborhood. Many of the components of Arcadia Green have been restored to original condition and all of our current renovations are engineered to exemplify certain aspects of mid-century culture and style.

“I had an opportunity to meet with Dan Vermillion from “Arcadia Green” at 48th Street and Earll today. It is a complex that I have known about, but never really looked at carefully. When I did, wow – a mid-century discovery from 1967. It was developed by the “Pierce-Frank Construction Company” with a mix of Pueblo and Spanish…but in reality it is very “modern” and I suspect started out as a modernist design. I am also certain there is a designer behind the development team – there are features that suggest Haver (clerestory windows, projecting beams exposed on the interior), and very clean exterior forms.” 

-Alison King, Founder,

arcadia_green-2 arcadia_green-4 arcadia_green-3
arcadia_green-11 arcadia_green-10 arcadia_green-9 arcadia_green-8

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