Keith Haring in Phoenix


The search in Dan’s archives was not without reward this week. I was poking around the piles of negatives when I uncovered something quite unexpected but also equally as exciting – I recognized someone! Keith Haring’s visit to Phoenix in 1986 was documented by Dan in a crowded room filled with children and adults down the street from his studio at Phoenix Art Museum.

Keith Haring is the father of street art and one of the biggest icons in art of the 21st century. He also is somewhat of an urban legend around Phoenix because he was known to make murals in downtown Phoenix, which have since been destroyed.

Haring traveled to Phoenix to conduct a drawing workshop at the Phoenix Art Museum with children and Dan had the amazing opportunity to record Haring interacting and making a collaborative work of art with his young audience.  Although this event seemed so simple in 1986 it has great significance to Phoenix, especially since the he passed away only 4 years later from AIDS.

Click Here to read more about his trip to Phoenix from Downtown Phoenix Journal


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