Dan & Swan

Hey guys! Laura Marks here again – posting updates from the studio as usual. Interning at the Vermillion studio has proven surprising, experiential and very knowledgeable on so many levels. This week I started organizing, archiving, scanning, and editing past photos that Dan has made over the years including commercial, travel and extra circular photographs.

I was scanning and archiving Dan’s old negatives this week when Swany coincidentally emailed him asking for images of her from the past to be included in the program for the FOCUS awards. Half the fun of scanning the photos was hearing the stories about Dan and Swan’s past together, adventures they shared and the friends they collected along the way.

Dan and Mary Virginia Swanson have known each other since the early 70’s where they attended Arizona State University together till 1979, with their mantra being “a crush at all costs.” After graduation Swan was hired as Workshop Coordinator at the Friends of Photography (FOP) in Carmel, California where she worked directly with Ansel Adams. After her time with FOP she accomplished many achievements and jobs including: Director of Special Projects for Magnum Photos, team member of the book series“Day In the Life“, Founding Director of American Photography Institute at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and establish SWANSTOCK, an agency that managed licensing rights for fine art photographers. These are only a few examples of the great contributions Swany has  done over the years.

When not meeting with photographers, presenting and attending industry events, Ms. Swanson continues her industry and marketing research, her writings on photography, and her mentoring and volunteerism.

Ms. Swanson will be receiving the 8th Griffin Museum FOCUS award for Lifetime Achievement and she definitely deserves it.


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