Double ‘O’ Intern Reporting for Duty


My name is Laura Marks and I am student completing my last semester at ASU. I’m majoring in Photography and minoring in Art History and loving every minute of it but, I wanted more experience in the photography field. I rang the doorbell to the Vermillion Studio not knowing what to expect on my first day as the new intern for Vermillion, but I know I was excited. The day consisted of meeting clients such as Bellarri, portrait photo shoot located outside in the unforgiving 110° Arizona weather, and a fast-abridged introduction as to how to edit photos in Lightroom. The second day entailed errands for a PetSmart gerbil cage, peanut ball couture photo shoot, and a last minute portrait shoot for an article in Banner Magazine about patients that suffered from brain concussions. But it was last night that took the cake for my experiences at Vermillion. Dan and myself rolled up to a joint on 19th and Northern in Phoenix with tinted windows. Not knowing what to expect from B’s Barber Shop, we entered the place and were greeted with Russian barbers, bright lights and the fresh smell of aftershave. The room was adorned with cherry wood furnishings, fancy salon chairs, and photos of celebrities such as Mike Tyson hugging Boris, the shop owner. The rest of the time spent at B’s was filled with jokes to make Boris and the tattooed hardball barber Chris crack smiles instead of stern intimidating stares. Needless to say it was an exciting and inspiring three days that had me enthusiastic for future endeavors at Vermillion.

DSCF1322PetSmarts Gerbil Cage with real life gerbils


The infamous peanut ball-used to help women during childbirthDSCF1336Dan and Jim Colletti  working

russian barber 02Boris shaving a lucky customer

russian barber 01Boris, Chris, and Vlad (left to right) styling hair at B’s Barber Shop.

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